​2015 Fashion Trends To Try

Spring is in the air. Okay not really, but we are already in February and warmer weather will be here before you know it. Along with more attractive temperatures, we will see a wave of new fashion trends. This is always exciting because who doesn’t like to rock the hottest looks while incorporating their own sense of style?

And you don’t have to wait for spring to be here to get the items that are trending for spring. We already have some of the latest and greatest in stock .

So here are some of the coolest trends to sport for spring 2015.


A great color that looks awesome one anyone; this is defiantly a trend to try. You can choose to go the traditional route of a dress or cute shirt or you can take a risk and sport some bright yellow pants. Regardless of what you choose to wear, if it’s yellow, you are good!

Black and White

The truth is black and white is always on trend and it will never go out of style. This spring you will see it in bold designs and great cuts. Designers will mix it up with different textures, materials and patterns and that makes it a go to color combo.


This is exciting because I so remember these from the 90’s. The updated look, which made its comeback last spring, is sticking around this year and can be seen everywhere. Wear them to work, out for a night on the town with your girls or on a date with a special someone. Pair them with a crop top or fitted blouse and you will be right on trend.


This is everywhere. I have seen it as dresses, shirts and even shorts. If you are wondering what gingham is, think picnic plaid but cooler. You can rock it as a two-piece set, pants, you name it.

Sheer Material

This is a great trend because it is flirty and fun. You can rock it in various colors and styles. A pretty maxi dress with some sandals or a sheer top with some shorts is a great look. It is breezy and romantic and will be a great go to in 2015

These are just a few trends and are the ones that are easiest to accomplish without too much thought or effort. Pairing some of them together is fun as well and will have you feeling fly and comfortable right into summer.

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