How Our Fashion Defines Us

Fashion plays many roles in todays world. It provides comfort, style and self-love. Our sense of fashion can make us

blend into large crowds or make us stand out in the crowd. Our choice of fashion is strictly up to us. Our choices are

about being an iconic and trendsetting. It’s about the fit, the fabric and the design. The way our favorite outfit makes

us feel on the inside. It’s about showing the world who we are. It speaks our personality without us ever saying a

word. We are our fashion.

Our sense of Fashion is the language of our self-image, our status and the power we feel within. Giving almost a

daily report of our thoughts of ourselves. Our daily choices communicate to the world whether we woke up feeling

down, simply because we chose to wear cotton sweats. We communicate to the world we are on top, when we

choose to wear our little black dress.

Another ever changing trend is our choice of how to obtain our fashion. With the world moving at light speeds and

the internet becoming ever more popular, a growing number of people are using the internet of make new trends and

find new styles. Our time is a commodity. We are finding ways to get the most out of every moment of everyday.

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