How Coachella is boosting Fashion brands and influencers


mgluxurynews Coachella how brands approach trendy events

The music festivals season has started with the arrival of the spring, and Coachella did an amazing kick-off. If you are someone that uses social media, and has a little interest in Fashion, Music, Lifestyle or anything that is trendy now, you should know what Coachella is.

Coachella means much more than a music & arts festival. Every digital influencer that has a significant amount of followers on Instagram – either young celebrities, models or fashion bloggers – must be there to post several pictures a day – Just the hashtag #Coachella had 1,2 million tweets in the last week, and 1,5M Instagram mentions as of today.

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Some #Coachella pictures: @galagonzalez @sincerelyjules @bettyautier @gigihadid @negin_mirsalehi      @martapozzan

The impact that fashion influencers have when they post about the-same-issue-at-the-same-time is bigger than expensive advertising campaigns. Fashion brands have realized that using these social influencers during mayor events is an unique opportunity to engage with younger audiences…

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      Hey, I will send you a private email later. Thanks


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