Appreciating the Importance of Corporate Uniforms


corporate-uniformsThese days wearing corporate uniform is considered normal in a wide range of industries and businesses. This popularity usually emanates from the belief that if members of an organization wear similar attire in the form of corporate uniforms then there is a sense of commonality which develops amongst the team members. It is also noteworthy that uniforms have been used for ages to depict solidarity, this has been the case right from the days of the Roman Empire to the modern day state of the art industries.

Several studies have been carried out by both human resource professionals and behavioral scientists to find out the overall importance and effects corporate uniforms have on employees in an enterprise. Even though the results tend to vary depending on the scope of study and methodologies used, what has never been in doubt is the importance of uniforms in the business environment. These include but are not limited to the following;

Uniforms are very effective for corporate branding 

Well thought out and professionally made uniforms in colors associated with the organization can go a long way in not only establishing an impression in the mind of consumers but also enhancing the visibility of the said brand or corporation. Uniforms generally identify employees as persons who are associated with an organization and its services or products, this helps the organization convey its brand message and also distinguish it from other competitors. It is an accepted fact that general consistency in employee appearance does help in creating a positive and long lasting impression on clients and positively contributes towards the projection of the corporate image.

Uniforms help project competence 

Research has shown that employees who wear uniforms tend to inspire confidence in consumers by announcing to all and sundry that he or she is a trained or qualified professional with adequate product knowledge and is willing and ready to assist. Corporate uniforms do put the force associated with the reputation of the business entity behind the individual , this not only makes the employee look trustworthy and reliable as a representative of the business but also as an individual who is authorized to offer the required assistance. On the same, uniforms make it easy for clients to identify employees in an office, store or factory setting. This does eliminate the possibility of a client erroneously asking a fellow customer for help. It is therefore correct to assert that uniform does also bring clarity and confidence to the market, bringing to an end the prospect of seeking advice from the wrong party.

Uniforms enhance security 

Just the same way uniform identifies a soldier, police officer or any other law officer, corporate uniform makes it easy to identify an employee who is out in the field making a delivery to a customer or making a service call. It also makes it easy for fellow employees to identify each other and confidently handle client needs and requirements. Uniforms tend to ease the mind of clients who may be required to hand over valuables to employees. This is because apart from making it easy to identify them, some of the uniforms usually have the name and rank of the employee or a tag name.

Uniforms eliminate the need for dress codes

It is also noteworthy that the rule or requirement to have employees wear uniform eliminates the need to even create or enforce a dress code in a corporation. In the past, employees would usually don conservative, similar attire when going to work. This has drastically changed in the recent past, with current employees being keen on expressing their individuality through their dress codes. This can pose as a challenge in the current working sphere if you are keen on enforcing a dress code. Apart from the above, the process of coming up with and enforcing a dress code is time consuming and is always faced with resistance and hard feelings amongst employees. This can have a negative effect on the general morale and productivity of employees if there is a constant battle on who is wearing what and who wore what the previous day. There is also the chance of some people getting away with improper dressing whereas some people get wrongly caught up in the mix. This can cause resentment within the workforce and jeopardize the harmonious relationship necessary for a good working atmosphere. All these are put to rest by adopting a corporate uniform for staff members.



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