How to Turn Your Hobby into a Successful Business

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Successful Business: Eye-Opening Revelations from Australian Designer of Pram Liners, Pram Accessories and Nursery Items

Olga Abbott is this years’ Finalist of Australian Mumpreneur Awards, a mum of a three year old and the creator of Ola Baby, the producer of handmade breathable pram liners, pram accessories and nursery items.

In just one quick year, Ola Baby has grown from a home based sewing hobby business into a reputable Australian company that produces 100% handmade customised 100% natural pram liners and other items that bring joy new mothers, newborns, toddlers, and their families all across Australia. Ola Baby stylish and natural baby products are hitting the top lists as gifts for baby showers and must have baby accessories in Australia.

Here are Olga’s insights on how to develop your passion into a successful business.

  1. Build on Your Existing Skills                                                                  

 Ola Baby: We started from Olga’s expertise in sewing.

fiver 2.pngLearning sewing in childhood proved to be a source of inspiration and –eventually – income when Olga become a mother herself, and could apply hew skills to making custom pram liners and accessories for herself and as keepsakes gifts to family and friends.


  1. Use what you Learnt From Your Own Life 

Ola Baby has grown purely out of Olga’s desire to become a stay at home mum, and spend quality time with my family. The flexibility of being a mumpreneur allows the creator of Ola Baby to grow business while still staying involved with my family.

  1. Sell the Items (for example, Pram Liners ) that You Would Buy

When Olga become a mother, she struggled to find quality baby pram liner for her fancy brand new iCandy pram. It came to her a common sense idea to sew her own pram liner. The first pram liner featured African animals, and become so popular in her mother’s group, that soon Olga has measured all popular prams including Baby Jogger, Boogaboo, Valco Strider, Steelcraft. Ordering a wider choice of fabrics and choosing a safe allergy free waddling allowed Ola Baby to produce a unique range of pram liners and pram accessories that is now been sold across Australia through their own online store.

  1. Become a Good Time Manager and Learn to Delegate

Ola Baby is a small yet full own company so learnt to become efficient: we design, source for fabrics, and handcraft all items in our Perth based studio. We also outsource other aspects of marketing and business administration. Olga loves talking to customers on social media, face to face at events and Expos. There is so much rewards in being able deliver quality products that are stylish, help make parenting easier and keep babies safe and snuggy.

fiver 1

To view Ola Baby custom pram liners range, visit

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  1. Olivia says:

    Love Ola baby products! Ordered pram liners already twice from them and absolutely love the quality!


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