​Change Up Winter

Winter can be a drab time fashion wise. Vibrant and fun colors are generally tossed to the wayside and darker shades become easier to wear and find. Somber colors such as black, brown and gray aren’t very inviting or interesting to the eye. Let’s try and add some punch to an otherwise dull winter wardrobe.

Larole.com has plenty of unique and sophisticated clothes to choose from. For cooler weather pants may be a more appealing choice. Our TOV Killer Black Printed Leggings are literally killer.

The embellishment takes this otherwise average legging up a notch with a retro design and decorative studs.

Who says patterns can’t be worn during winter? With our Women’s Classic Vertical Striped Button Up Shirt let the funky stripes do all the talking. This top works great with a neutral pant and some killer heels to wear all day and well into the night.A mod patterned pant might be that little something your closet desperately needs.

Our Eclectic Paisley Print Black White Pants host a leather waistband and chic paisley. You don’t need color to stand out and make an impression; this cute pattern will do just that.

Last but not least is the Larole Stud Accented Fashion Blazer.This sexy blazer features a zip closure and killer studs. The accents are just enough to add a touch of something and its totally unique. This is a great choice for work and play and can be worn year around.

Check out all of our exciting looks and new trends on http://www.larole.com/ 

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