Nectar Fashion Jewelry Grand Opening!



Their Story: 

 Roi and Eran are brothers who live near Tel Aviv, Israel.
They both love the world of jewelry, gems and design, and recently opened their own little studio where they create quality handmade jewelry.
The jewelry they make are characterized by a delicate touch, elegant design, and are inspired mainly from nature around them. This is because they believe that nature has created the most beautiful forms and shapes.


Roi and Eran try to create jewelry that will be fashionable on one hand but still maintain a unique and exclusive style. They use the highest quality materials: Sterling Silver 925, deep gold plated jewelry 2.5 microns thick, gold-filled, gemstones, pearls, Swarovski and high quality crystals. It is important to them to give their customer the best shopping experience they can get.


When you purchase an item of NectarFashionJewelry, you know that you’re getting quality hand-crafted jewelry that’s made by people who really care.


Visit their  Etsy shop  today and get 20% off your entire order.


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