Don’t go to the beach without this kind of bikini!


You might not have seen this particular type of bikini but Crochkini, which derived from the words “Crochet” and “Bikini”, as the name suggests is offering beautifully handcrafted crochet bikinis that are made from high-quality soft cotton to fit any body type and shape comfortably.

chelseawhitecyan1 (1)

Its Chelsea bikini in White/Cyan color is their bestseller and all women would love to have one and wear it at the beach this summer. It is sexy and unique. You won’t see anyone wearing the same bikini at the beach. There are 6 colors to choose from if you’re not into cyan color. You can grab yours today for only $35.10 at


We also love their Vanessa crochet bikini with red ruffle bikini because it’s so adorable and seems comfy when worn. This particular bikini is also available in another style like tassel side ties bottom and in 7 colors.

You can check out more of their sexy yet cute bikini sets at We’re pretty sure you won’t leave Crochkini without buying one set.

What’s more is that all of their bikini sets are affordable and cost less than $50. They also ship it for free, anywhere in the world! You can use this 10% discount code upon checkout: blog10

Are you thinking that crochet bikinis needs more care than any other regular bikini? Well, you can read this post:, and learn how to properly take care of them. It’s handmade and so, someone had put their time and skill in making one so, it is worth a try to preserve them.

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