The Innocent Mind Of A child !

Awww he wants to help him get up…too cute ❤ First dance…? This will definitively count as 1st kiss! Lool…you caption this one! De Cuteness overload 👌🏽😀😍  She’s a Micro fashionista.

How many girls are in this pic?

Serious debate on the internet right now!  Everyone is trying to figure out the number of girls in this picture. Can you guess? Comment bellow!

10 Tips to Looking Good in Photos

As much as we love photos, we can also hate them. Definitely you won’t admire a photo that displays the “terrible” you! Yes, I mean that creepy photo that does not qualify to be in your gallery. Most of you wonder how these popular models achieve the amazing photo-looks, and probably you have been trying…

How to Plan Your Wedding Day Around Photography

Couples often ask, as they frantically scurry through their wedding planning marathon, feeling (and sometimes looking) like they’re going to pass out any minute from high elevation fatigue, how can they get the most out of their photographer on their wedding day? Albeit difficult to define what “getting the most” means, I usually come to the conclusion after a few…